Building the First High-Tech Magnesium Complex in North America That Will Dominate the Magnesium Market for the 21st Century

Most Magnesium comes from outside the USA, mostly from China. Our vision is to develop this critical metal resource within our country. We can achieve this by using local talent and pre-developed logistical hubs.

The American Magnesium modular milling complex would dominate the North American Magnesium market by initially producing 30,000 tons of magnesium metal a year growing to a capacity of 300,000 tons per year along with hundreds of millions of tons of portland cement.

This material would be produced from an already exposed magnesium-dolomite deposit in Luna County, New Mexico., approximately 12 miles south of Deming, This foothill deposit is not part of the volcanic Florida mountains that contain no magnesium. The deposit was created when the earth’s crust was moved by natural forces against the original Floridas. It was stopped by the formidable range to form mounds which actually detract from the beauty of the Floridas. Over time they will be removed and reclaimed following the natural slope of the land.

No overburden, just taking down the deposit to the desert floor, minimum impact, mild climate area, total utilization of the resource, C02 sequestered in greenhouse facilities leased to local produce farmers.

The Foothill Dolomite Deposit is located 12 miles south of the I-10 corridor with main lines of rail, natural gas and freeway. 1,000 tons a day would be moved from the quarry and trucked to the milling complex. 25-ton haul trucks would make 40 round trip production loads.

There is a surplus of skilled laborers in Luna County.

The quarry will provide around 18 jobs along with 25 teamster jobs. The milling complex will provide hundreds (growing to thousands) of very welcomed high paying jobs to depressed southwestern New Mexico.

Several professional reports completed on this project are available to review, including a Finding of No Significant Impact in an Environmental study conducted by the Bureau of Land Management.

American Magnesium Infographic Profile